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French Fries 6.00 Parmesan Fries 7.00 Truffle Fries 10.00

Chicken Wings
(Boneless Option) 6 for 9.00 and 12 for 16.00  
Sauces: Tiger Cry, BBQ, Teriyaki, Sweet Thai Chili, Caribbean Jerk

Tortilla Chips and Cilantro Sauce 9.00

Nachos (chicken or beef)
Lettuce, Pico, side of sour cream, house-made tortilla chips 10.00

Chicken Quesadillas
Chicken, cheese, Pico, Sour Cream 10.00


Grilled Chicken Tacos  
Pico, mixed greens, served with house-made cilantro sauce
with tortilla chips 14.00

Fish Tacos  
Sriracha Slaw, Cajun battered cod, Pico, Lime Crème w/ tortilla chips 14.00

Grilled Mushroom Tacos
Teriyaki Mushrooms, Siracha Slaw with house-made cilantro sauce
with tortilla chips 15.00

Boat Burger
Ground Beef, lettuce, tomato, Chips or French Fries
(add cheddar cheese) 14.00

Tiger Cry Chicken Sandwich
  (just a little zing)
Marinated chicken in tiger cry sauce, red onions,
lettuce, tomato, w/aioli 14.00

Su Succa

Fettuccine in a creamy white sauce with sundried tomatoes, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, with Toasted Sourdough……… add Grilled Chicken 4.00 16.00

Fish ‘n Chips
Breaded Cod Cajun style with French Fries 14.00

Tiger Cry Steak
Filet Mignon, served with Ikarian lemon and herb roasted potatoes
side of Tiger Cry Sauce 24.00

Sweet Chili Salmon
Salmon, coconut ginger rice, curry sauce, sweet chili Thai sauce, grilled apples


Strawberry Shortcake 9.00
Chocolate Bundt Cake 9.00